Harvest Ministries

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Welcome to Harvest Ministries


Feel free to have a look around.  Here are some of the highlights of what we do:


Sunday Morning Church Services - For anyone who is wanting to come and participate in a Christian church service (open to all).

Spirit Cafes - For those who are wanting to have a spiritual encounter with the Holy Spirit (open to all)

Spiritual Workshop Series - For those wanting to grow in their understanding of spiritual things, includes a meal, and practical exercises

Spirit Cafe Trainings - For other churches wanting to start their own Spirit Cafe.

Sozo Sessions - For individual to deepen their relationship with God or deal with negative patterns in life (prayer time by appointment)

Sozo Trainings & Intensive Mentoring - For those from other churches who want to be trained in how to minister in Bethel Sozo.

Harvest Gardens - Our charitable initiative that teaches those from poor countries to grow the food they need.

Spiritual Encounter Nights - For anyone wanting physical healing. Our team will also share spiritual messages for individuals in the crowd (open).

Growing in God Classes - Informal once weekly classes for those wanting to learn about who Jesus is, and how we can know Him.

Socials & Movie Nights - We believe that fun and friendship are important, and we provide several social events throughout the year.